Visual Menu

Selecting a Visual

Select your visual by going into the visual menu and selecting the drop-down tab under current visual. The current visuals are pitch color, vertical rectangles, neon storm, and glitch.

Pitch Color Settings

For the Pitch Color visual, you can alter the settings of attack (How fast it presents the current color), the transition (How fast it transitions between colors), and release (How fast it will fade to black). They are all changed using sliders on the left-hand side between 30 and 1500 milliseconds.

Vertical Rectangles Settings

For the Vertical Rectangles visual, you are able to change the Max Width which affects how big the rectangles grow based on the input volume, and Growth Speed which affects the rate at which the rectangles grow and shrink.

Neon Storm Settings

For the Neon Storm visual, you are able to change the min and max cloud size sliders which change the size of the clouds in the visual. You are also able to change the min and max alpha of the clouds which affects the opacity of the clouds. Randomness affect where the clouds drift in the visual.

Glitch Settings

For Glitch, the number of rectangles slider determines how many rectangles generate with sound. The chance of visibility slider affects the probability of the rectangle showing up. The color delay slider affects how fast the sliders change color. Scatter size changes how much the rectangles scatter from the original rectangle. The alpha slider will change the opacity of the rectangles.