Input Menu

Max Number of Channels

Max Number of Channels lets you set how many channels (vocal or MIDI inputs) are inputting into Code + Chords.


Legend turns on/off the scale at the bottom to show what notes represent what color. Simply click it to toggle on/off.

Legend Starting Note

Determines which note is the first note in the scale. Click the drop down tab on it to select the starting note.

Scale Type

Scale Type lets you select what type of scale it will use. The options are minor, major, harmonic minor, melodic minor, major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, chromatic. To select the scale, click the drop down tab and select the desired scale. Chromatic is default.

Piano Threshold

Piano Threshold determines how soft a sound can be to register as input for Code + Chords. 0 is the lowest and most sensitive and 1000 is the highest. Can be changed by sliding the bar under piano threshold.

Forte Threshold

Forte Threshold is how loud a sound can be to register as the max volume on Code + Chords. Anything louder than the piano threshold will be inputted as max volume. Can be changed by sliding the bar under forte threshold.

Real Time Inputs

Real time inputs lets you select how input is taken in, either through microphone or MIDI input. To select the real time input, press the dropdown tab under Real Time Inputs and select how you want to take in input.

Recorded Inputs

Recorded lets you run prerecorded music (in .wav file) in Code + Chords. To use this, choose which audio track you want to run under Recorded input and then press the play button in the upper right corner. To stop press the pause button in the upper right-hand corner. To reset press the square in the upper right corner.