Color Menu

Setting Color Groups

There are two ways of setting color. You can either set the group of colors as a whole, or set them individually. To set a group, select the dropdown tab under set group colors. The options are either rainbow, dichromatic, or trichromatic. Rainbow is default.

You can select colors for dichromatic and trichromatic by selecting dichromatic or trichromatic and then clicking on the color button to the right so that it turns bright blue (i.e. 1st Color, 2nd Color, 3rd Color) and then choosing the desired color from the color wheel immediately to the right. Once all your colors are chosen, click apply.

Setting Individual Colors

To set color individually, select the note letter by clicking it so that it turns bright blue and then select the color from the color wheel. Alternatively, you may set color by using the RGB sliders below the color wheel instead of the color wheel.