Download Intructions

To open Code + Chords, you will need:

  • A version of Java
  • Code + Chords runnable .jar file

Installing Java

If you do not have a Java Runtime Environment installed on your device, you will need to download it to open Code + Chords. To download, go to Oracle and download the latest version of the Java SE Runtime Environment.

Accept the license agreement and download the version corresponding to your operating system. Pick the .exe file instead of  the .tar file. Once you have downloaded the file, click on it to open the installer and go through the prompts. Once you click finish, JRE will be installed on your computer.

Downloading the Code + Chords .jar file

Simply click the “Download and Play” download button and you will download the Code + Chords .jar file. You will get a zip folder that you can then extract. Note: Keep the data folder in the same folder as the .jar folder. This will ensure that all the Code + Chords assets will run properly once you open the .jar file.

Run Code + Chords

After downloading a JRE and the Code + Chords .jar file, you can simply click on codechords.jar to run the program. Be patient! It may take a few seconds to open.