Getting Started

In order to use Code + Chords, there are a few programs you will have to download onto your device. The documentation on this page will walk you through everything you need to get started.

There are three different ways you can use Code + Chords. The first is by downloading codechords.jar and running the program in Java to explore our pre-made visuals and input your own audio into the program. You can find the relevant materials and instructions for this under the Download and Play sections below. Module Menu Reference could also be helpful when exploring this version of Code + Chords. It details all the ways you can customize Code + Chords under the settings menu in the .jar module.

Next, you can learn the basics of coding with Processing and Java with in the Download and Learn section. There are download instructions for accessing the Code + Chords library in Processing and copy and paste code examples that you can easily modify and run.

For the advanced coders out there, visit the Download and Create documentation for instructions on how to download and set up workspace so that you can edit Code + Chords files and create your own library. By choosing this option, you’ll be directed to the Code + Chords Github to clone the repository in order to get started on creating your own visual!