Experience real time music visualization with Code + Chords. Sing in color, paint with sound, the possibilities are endless.

Our software provides a digital medium for users to portray the emotion of music by interacting with code, music, and color. Code + Chords is an open source coding library for creating real time visual displays based on multiple vocal inputs using Java, the Processing language, and PortAudio API’s.


Developed by a team of Undergraduates from the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, Code + Chords aims to help people with a variety of skill sets engage with other disciplines.

About the Project

Getting Started

Our software uses coding, music, and color as ways for people to explore content outside of what they know in an exciting and interactive way. Learners of all ages and experience can use our software to create their own visual experience, learn about code and processing, or explore topics related to music and education.

Getting Started

Code + Chords on GitHub

Connect with us on github to share your visual experiences, ask questions, and view our complete library!